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BitKeep brand upgrade, board the Nasdaq big screen!

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BitKeep brand upgrade, board the Nasdaq big screen!

October 10
14:00 2018

The decentralized digital wallet shows on the Nasdaq’s main screen, which demonstrates its ambition and strength.

BitKeep as the top decentralized digital wallet, the founding team comes from some well-known companies such as Google, Microsoft, 360 and etc. They have rich experience in blockchain technology and encryption. With the original DESM encryption algorithm skill, double-encrypted storage wallet mnemonic/private key which based on the double authentication mechanism of account password and transaction password, the BitKeep guarantees that the wallet assets are 100% safe. And it is also supplemented by smart contract-style product interaction. These advantages make BitKeep stand out among other digital wallets.

Safety, the most important part of digital wallet as people all care about. The BitKeep has put so much effort on this part. The decentralized wallet BitKeep which took half a year to build, had worked with a number of well-known security companies before releasing. They strictly conduct code audits to avoid security vulnerabilities from multiple angles and to maximize the security of users’ digital assets. The BitKeep also provides users with the most convenient service which supports multiple chains. Compared to Trust and ImToken, it provides not only a higher level of security, but also more practical features. Such as, supporting multi-chain multi-wallet management, private key import, wallet address monitoring, asset real-time floating, currency information viewing, exchange asset docking and other functions, truly achieve one-stop management of all your digital assets, in addition to financial lending, cloud mining, Dapp, games, blockchain payments and etc.

According to third-party data, the registered users have reached 800K within 4 months of releasing, and the DAU has break through 20K. In May this year, it also received 10 million investments from the top fund Matrix Partners China by the valuation of more than 100 million, widely recognized by users and capitals.

With the launch of the brand 2.0, the new BitKeep officially enters the international market, start a new journey. The new product will support multiple mainstream languages worldwide, serving 16 countries, millions of users, providing the best service to all blockchain believers around the world.

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