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The Benefits That Make Digital Portfolios Necessary For Every Classroom

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The Benefits That Make Digital Portfolios Necessary For Every Classroom

November 29
21:55 2018

Digital portfolios are the recent craze of the educational world. They are the perfect marriage of traditional schooling and advanced technology. Students across the nation are already benefiting from their use, and soon they may very well become a classroom staple. If you are a teacher who is thinking of using virtual portfolios for your classroom, here are the beneficial merits they have to offer. 

They Allow Interactive Learning 

Digital portfolios allow teachers and students alike to take a more interactive approach to learning. They can ask questions, post observations, and upload relatable material. Teachers can provide learning tools, videos, and extra resources in a readily available format. It allows the entire classroom to be completely accessible. It also gives parents access which as well allows them to be interactive in their child’s education. 

Students Get a Voice 

Digital portfolios allow students to track their own progression. They can see how their learning improves. This gives them more control over their education and allows them to show off their hard work as well. For the first time parents and educators can see evidence of a student’s growth and the effort it took to get there. 

It Creates a Footprint 

Virtual portfolios create a virtual footprint of student accomplishment. This allows for better record keeping, thorough student evaluation, and incentivized student effort. As students are able to track their own progression it gives them more control over their education. This allows them to take their education a lot more seriously. 

It Makes Life Easier 

Virtual portfolios also make it easier for both students and teachers to operate. Students can access all class-related material with ease, as well as all of their completed work. Teachers can track student progression and hand out information without the need to print out a whole forest of trees. In the arts department this provides a complete digital archive of student work. Perfect for showcases, special events, art shows, and the National Portfolio Day Association

It is Better for Communication 

One of the biggest problems that e-portfolios solve is communication. Often times it is difficult for teachers and parents to be on the same page. Virtual portfolios allow for seamless communication. This keeps parents dialed in to their child’s progression and overall behavior. A good parental presence is better for classroom productivity. Software like ClassDojo is specifically geared to enhanced communication. 

It is Great for Assessment 

One of the biggest problems teachers have had with assessment is that it is too generalized. Traditional assessment methods do not take individual student accomplishment into consideration. They rate students based on a class status quo. This can completely ignore the personal accomplishments students make. Virtual portfolios allow individual assessment to take place. This allows students to gain praise they otherwise would not get. Teachers do not see students compared to the class. They see students compared to their prior work. This is a great way to track progress and make students feel as better about themselves.

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