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January 09
14:21 2019

For many years, a lot of environmental advocates fighting for renewable energy once dreamed those regular households using solar panels, but that dream is slowly turning into reality as a lot of Australians are now using rooftop solar panels which are now more accessible and has become an essential household tools for many people across the Great Outback, compared to the United States which only has merely two percent of its households installed solar panels and using renewable energy across the country in the past two years.

Even in California, the leading state in the US in terms of using solar energy is far from the efforts of the Australians’ in using renewable energy. California’s 15 percent is dwarfed by Australia’s recent survey where one in every five households are using solar energy.

In South Australia alone, the solar penetration already reached up to 30 percent, while in Tasmania, the southernmost tip of the Great Outback has 17 percent of its households are using solar energy, and these remarkable numbers should make an ordinary Aussie proud for being the world’s leading nation to use renewable energy.

According to experts, the main reason why solar power and other forms of renewable energy are very popular in the Land Down Under has something to do with its solar energy system prices which are considerably cheaper compared to other countries.


Just as 2019 entered, the Australian Senate crossbench allocated 23-billion Australian Dollar to further boost the renewable energy programs for both the public and private sectors that thwarted Tony Abbott’s plan to abolish the clean energy agencies. This decision was made by the Labor and crossbench to encourage these agencies to further promote and raise awareness of the importance of renewable energy across the continent.

These agencies are the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency or Arena which remarkably secured 7.8 billion Australian dollars in public funding. This measures that highlighted the start of 2019 will tremendously cut the greenhouse gases by 334m tons over its lifetime.


One of Australia’s most trusted and most affordable solar energy companies, the Solar Power Sydney continues to provide cheaper renewable energy sources to Aussies as it strongly supports the Senate’s move in saving Mother Earth.

Solar Power Sydney brings solar energy to everyone in Australia who wants to value independence and efficiency by using a more flexible, lightweight solar panels that are designed with the best technology available today. Unlike what many doubters say, solar energy provides the same power as what the electricity that comes from coal and fossil fuels minus the bad effects that harm the environment.

Solar Power Sydney also designed its solar panels to be a low-maintenance power source so that the users can cut on costs, aside from saving more than 20 percent on their electricity bills. Also, its solar panels are very easy to install on the roof, or in a designated place for both households or for industrial use.


There are three options to get your own solar panel, you can either lease, loan, or just simply purchase.

You can lease by applying in a leasing company to provide you with Solar Power Sydney’s panels that will be installed in both residential and commercial that will be under flexible terms and contracts, and cheap monthly payment, while the loan will provide you, your personal solar panels that you should pay depending on the terms that you have agreed on, and third, you can simply buy the solar panels right straight from Solar Power Sydney through its website.


For more information about Solar Power Sydney, one can contact this number (02) 90511597 or leave your email address on the website to receive newsletters, promotional offers, and much more regularly. There will be a free quotation provided for an interested customer on the website.

Solar Power Sydney can also be visited via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn.

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