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Ram Jack Assesses Soil Types and Impact on Stability and Integrity of Foundations

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Ram Jack Assesses Soil Types and Impact on Stability and Integrity of Foundations

January 09
14:56 2019

How Does Soil Affect Your Foundation?

Did you know that the type of soil on your property can significantly impact the stability of your foundation? Soil may vary based on region, climate, and history of a property. Different types of soil react uniquely to moisture and flooding.

Whether you are preparing for new construction or trying to determine how to best repair your foundation, understanding your soil type is an important step! Ram Jack® can help you assess soil types in your region and design an appropriate plan for your foundation.

Common Types of Soil

  • Peat – A softer soil usually composed of decaying vegetation and water. It is unstable and not suitable for supporting foundations.

  • Clay – This soil is highly expansive and is easily molded when wet. It is composed of very small particles and swells and retracts easily.

  • Silt – A soft-to-the-touch soil that retains moisture, it is not good at draining and can continuously swell against foundations.

  • Sand or gravel – There are large spaces between particles, preventing the retaining of moisture. Sand or gravel can be good for foundations so long as particles aren’t washed out.

  • Loam – Made up of sand, clay, and silt, this is ideal for supporting foundations. It is well balanced for moisture absorption.

  • Rock – Made up of bedrock, sandstone, limestone, or another rock. It is solid and doesn’t absorb moisture, as long as it is properly prepared.

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