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My Success Pros Enhances Website Availability through Consistent Uptime Monitoring

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My Success Pros Enhances Website Availability through Consistent Uptime Monitoring

April 07
13:22 2021
It’s good to string a few facts to appreciate the prevalence and importance of websites for modern businesses. According to the latest estimates, more than 60% of small businesses have a website. About 80% of people research a business online before visiting its actual store or making a purchase. Over 60% of small businesses without websites plan to create one in 2020. At least 90% of small business websites are mobile-friendly.

Online businesses today rely on their websites for all aspects of their operations, including human resources, customer servicing, finances, marketing, and sales. With so much dependence on the website, it is not surprising that keeping a website running consistently and continuously is a major concern for online businesses.

But even if the supporting technology that had made websites good for business has evolved at an exponential rate, service outages remain a possibility. Because what makes a sleek and seamless website tick is just a machine running a program. And limits, however small, still exist with these.

How limited is the technology? Not very much to be honest. The internet is a vast network of specialized computer hardware performing specific and cooperative functions that bring those websites seamlessly into home computers and mobile screens. Chief to providing website services are web hosting servers and most of these have 99.9% uptime availability. Uptime is a measure of a web hosting server’s reliability and the typical ratings are impressive.

Most have near-perfect uptime ratings. But they are not – and possibly, will never be – perfect. If a web hosting service proudly advertises a very high level of uptime availability, how much risk is an online business taking? A rating of 99.9% uptime means there is a chance of experiencing almost a minute and a half of downtime within a 24-hour service period. This does not sound too bad since a minute or two of downtime may only have a very minimal impact on the business. It can even go by unnoticed. But aggregate the service period to a year, then it can become a very different story. A 99.9% uptime availability can translate into a continuous 8-hour outage.

Depending on how a website figures into a business model and minute-by-minute productivity and income rates, a business may or may not endure an 8-hour long outage. Most experts put opportunity losses to a conservative $900 per minute of downtime. That is per minute at minimum.

What should an online business do to reduce the risk of outages? For one, choosing a web hosting server with higher uptime availability. But a web hosting service is just part of the equation. Remember that the internet is a network of different things doing different functions? Any part of it can become faulty which will cause web services to fail (even if the web hosting server remains operative).

A provider of online business solutions, My Success Pros, offers another contingency: online businesses can employ an early warning system in case website service outages happen. And that system is called uptime monitoring.

Uptime monitoring is a service that periodically tests website availability. It runs a myriad of tests to measure key performance website service metrics, collects and analyzes the data, and intelligently infers serious service issues as they happen or even when they are just about to happen. Once these event levels are detected, the monitoring system sends emergency alerts to online business owners.

As online businesses would understand, timing is everything. The sooner there is awareness of an impending or ongoing outage, the sooner it can be addressed. The sooner addressed, the more time saved. And every minute saved is hundreds or even thousands of dollars kept from losing.

My Success Pros offers different levels of uptime monitoring services, from affordable basic packages that provide for all the uptime monitoring needs of small or starting businesses, to more premium uptime monitoring packages that are capable of simultaneously monitoring multiple web pages and websites. The latter service package is usually needed by large-scale enterprises that run high-volume data transactions through multiple websites.

My Success Pros has uptime monitoring for every kind of online business that needs to maintain and enhance their websites’ availability.

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