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GameServerKings Launches with Quality Hosting Solutions at Industry-Low Pricing

GameServerKings Launches with Quality Hosting Solutions at Industry-Low Pricing

Maastricht, Limburg – In the age of the rise of the gaming industry, many new companies have emerged, attempting to improve on the quality of the gaming experience. Amidst so much heated competition, GameserverKings observed a consistent lack within the gaming industry for quality game server hosting services at affordable prices across the board. For this reason, they decided that they would take this problem into their own hands, and have made a promise to their customers to provide quality services at good prices, with a devotion to customer support.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of game server hosting services available online, and choosing one can be a tedious process. GameserverKings recognizes this. They therefore put a heavy emphasis on customer service, so that customers can be assured to know exactly what they’re getting and feel comfortable asking questions. Their easy to navigate website makes all available services clear, so customers can very quickly figure out if this company is the right decision for them at this time. A global support staff with locations in North America and Europe makes it easy to assist a variety of locations. The biggest investment in customer service by far is their twenty-four hour a day, seven days a week help line. Assisting customers in improving their gaming experience is this company’s top priority.

GameServerKings only just opened its doors and has already made quite an impact within the gaming industry. In part, this is due to the fact that their team of experts is constantly on the lookout for new hardware and software technology. They make the commitment to their customers to constantly improve their services when possible by investing in newer, better technology. Another benefit that sets this company apart from the rest is the fact that even as technology and services provided by this company improve over time, customers will never be expected to pay more. As quality increases, the price stays the same! It is also possible to choose between paying for services per month or on a longer-term basis. There are no contracts, so customers are never expected to stay locked in.

The opening of GameserverKings marks a distinct change in the quality of services provided by online gaming companies. With their vast variety of games, cutting edge technology, experienced staff, and low prices, GameServerKings is already making waves in the industry. If other companies wish to stay afloat, they must follow suit.

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