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Unforgettable and unique event in Europe, made by BeYoguiEvent

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Unforgettable and unique event in Europe, made by BeYoguiEvent

September 26
02:02 2018

Sep 25, 2018 – BeYoguiEvent is a team of passionate professionals completely committed to dedicating its time into envisioning and creating special events for yoga enthusiasts. The yoga events created and designed by the source are great scopes of personal development, human connections and self discoveries for all yoga lovers. The collaborators and instructors at this source are carefully chosen professionals who are highly qualified and capable of sharing the knowledge that they possess in the field of yoga. They tend to be genuine and bright professionals believing in harmony and balance within themselves; the food; the environment and the people.

At, one can remain assured of finding great many opportunities to experience learn and connect with people from across the world. This yoga event organizing company is known for the preserved environment that it offers to yoga enthusiasts at the wonderful and eye-catching costs of Catalunya located in Spain.

The eventcalledBeYoguiEvent welcomes people to live and be a part of a complete yoga teacher training program that is sure to offer them an experience of a lifetime. This is an event that covers a time span of 200 hours and involves yoga teachings and knowledge coming from the most experienced and highly qualified instructors.The event also boasts of many weekly yoga retreatswith well-known and certified teachers from across the world. It also coversinspiring educational conferences and workshops,interconnections, talks, concerts, and optional Kirtans/Mantras & evening meditations, all over the event. Soothing massages, excellent accommodations. Beach, swimming pool and various other activities that make for a peaceful and harmonious surrounding are some of the main features of the event, not to forget the organic vegetarian meals.

Sources close to BeYoguiEvent say; “We have this strong belief that Yoga is a way of life and not just an amalgamation of different physical features. We also strongly believe in this fact that yoga techniques and philosophies need to be employed for improving everyday life. Both the mind and the body affect each other. At, we are committed to offering people a clear idea of the techniques that they can use for balancing the mind and the body with the assistance of exercise, diet, recreation, positive outlook and attitude-building.”

This yoga event organizing company is fully dedicated to helping all those individuals who look forward to helping themselves become happier and healthier. BeYoguiEvent can be described as a holistic and spiritual wellness organization that makes it easier for people to obtain optimal emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. It is a space that is rich with healing energy and knowledge to recharge and get hold of inner expression by the practice of meditation, yoga and soothing massage.

The BeYoguiEvent experience is all about going back and understanding the basics; right to the core of the inner being; living life in a simple and authentic manner; nourishing the body and the mind and most importantly the human spirit. It is a source that is completely dedicated to the well-being and the health of the community on the whole.

If only a fraction of this wonderful resource is of some good for the community, there would be a major difference made in the lives of people.

Next Event: 26th June – 17th July, 2019 at Resort AguilaDaurada (PartidaCarratillana, 62, 43860, L’Ametlla de Mar, Tarragona) Spain

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