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Army Veteran’s fundraiser to support his family receives great response on

Army Veteran’s fundraiser to support his family receives great response on

After suffering from financial troubles for seven long years, ex-Army veteran Ray finally turned to the crowd-funding platform and received great response from the backers. He has served the US Army for 12 years while stationed in Europe and Maine. During his service period, he has also toured Iraq and Afghanistan.

He is married to his best friend and has a son and a daughter. His son was four when he adopted him after following a lengthy and costly process in Europe. Ray’s world turned upside down when he received the news from his command sergeant major that his wife had met with a serious accident and that she had succumbed to her injuries. He went into complete denial and rushed back to home to find that his wife was in ICU and after multiple surgeries and treatment she returned back home in a wheelchair.

He did not work for the next 4 months and spent this time taking care of his wife and family which led to some financial troubles for him. The GAP insurance only helped him to recover the cost of the car at a much lower rate. He didn’t buy another car but used the money received to get back to his new life in Maine. The financial troubles started increasing further and the close friends and family7 came to rescue but they could only do so much.

Ray finally bought another car, a Hyundai accent especially for his wife as she still couldn’t get out of the wheelchair but the trauma from the accident kept her away from using the car. Also, that one fireman told her that if she was in a smaller vehicle she wouldn’t be alive instigated more fear in her. As a loving husband, Ray went on to purchase a newer Saturn Vue SUV for his wife which he couldn’t afford.  

Although the accident happened due to snow and oil spill, but as per the German law, they still had to pay thousands of dollars as fine, adding more to their financial woes. After all these years of the incident, the family is struggling to pay back the money they borrowed from friends and family for which the fundraiser is started. Luckily enough, a number of people have understood the troubles of ray and came out to support him through Gofundme campaign.

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