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MELLOWER COFFEE Launches an Immersive Consumer Experience by Redefining Finance With The Food & Beverage Industry

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MELLOWER COFFEE Launches an Immersive Consumer Experience by Redefining Finance With The Food & Beverage Industry

December 18
18:15 2018

On November 23rd, Beijing time, the sixth store of MELLOWER COFFEE in Singapore officially opened in MSpace at Maybank. Since the establishment of MELLOWER COFFEE in 2011, MELLOWER COFFEE has always held the original intention of “Just for a Cup of Good Coffee”, hoping to provide the consumers at home and abroad with the experience of specialty Chinese-quality coffee.

Creation Of The Third Space –  A Café In A Bank

MSpace At Maybank is located along the streets of Orchard Road at Somerset MRT Station, where you will be greeted with a full glass facade showcasing the interior of both Maybank & Mellower Coffee.

Upon stepping into MSpace At Maybank, one can take a seat at the golden chairs and modern marble table tops that provides a simplistic and comfortable environment. The interior design reveals a distinct MELLOWER style and this is the third space created by MELLOWER COFFEE in partnership with Maybank — a café in a bank.

Orchard Road, where MSpace At Maybank is located, is the most prosperous tourist shopping street in Singapore. Adjacent to the only Apple retail store in Southeast Asia and located right beside Somerset 313 Shopping Mall, the area is frequently visited by locals and tourists alike. The proximity to various entertainment and recreational activities brings about a unique shopping and lifestyle experience. Being in such a vibrant location, MSpace At Maybank is the perfect place to create three exclusive creative drinks to incorporate the youthfulness of the place and to introduce a unique coffee journey to consumers.

The first exclusive drink created for MSpace At Maybank is the Mellower Sumatra, a Single Origin coffee bean. The Sumatra coffee bean was chosen because it represents Maybank’s logo, the Sumatran Tiger, as well. The result: A deep roasted mandheling that reflects the flavors of caramel and cocoa.

The second exclusive drink is the Mellower May, a creative coffee creation that features Gula Melaka, a palm sugar favored by Malaysians. The sweetness of the coconut sugar is perfectly balanced by the espresso extracted from the mandheling coffee.

The last exclusive drink is the Gold Rush Sparking Mango, specially created for the warm, tropical climate in Singapore. The combination of fresh mango puree, mint, and light sparkling water makes each sip a cooling and refreshing experience. 

Coffee + Finance, A Diversified Immersive Cultural Experience

It is worth mentioning that MELLOWER COFFEE located at MSpace At Maybank was first introduced as an operational mode of “coffee + finance”. Through the integration of two types of consumers and services, a bank and a café, MSpace At Maybank makes it possible to bring a brand-new consumer experience and social space to everyone.

MSpace At Maybank is specially furnished with modern banking services and ATM machines, so that consumers can not only avoid the painful process of the long queues, but also enjoy delicious drinks and complete some basic banking services in comfort. Consumers can also try out Maybank’s specially created digital platform where they can know more about financial goods, information and other services by browsing the iPads located at every table. On top of that, customers can view the online menu of MELLOWER COFFEE on these iPads where they can place orders and complete payment through the iPad directly.

The cafe concept at MSpace At Maybank allows Maybank to organize various kinds of free workshops for the public every Friday night and Saturday morning. The combination of finance and coffee humanizes financial banking, which provides a richer and interesting environment for consumers. Through the combination of space, concept and services, MSpace At Maybank brings a variety of new financial experiences to everyone.

A Partnership To Improve Consumer’s Experience

As one of the largest banks in Southeast Asia, this year, the Maybank Group was approved by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to set up a new wholly-owned subsidiary in Singapore. MSpace At Maybank is Maybank’s first branch after the group’s transformation. For both Maybank and Mellower Coffee, this partnership is indeed of great significance for both parties.

Hu Ayong, the head of Mellower’s team in Singapore and vice president of MELLOWER COFFEE said, “Maybank aims at creating a third space by combining lifestyle and modern banking services, while MELLOWER COFFEE always adheres to the mission of ‘Providing You with Quality and Refined Products’.” He wants to make coffee a part of a lifestyle choice, where everyone is able to have the best quality product and experience the exquisite taste of coffee.

The idea of providing the best for consumers coincides with Maybank’s development philosophy as well. Both Maybank and Mellower Coffee shares the same sentiments such as promoting innovation and development to attract younger customers. These similar views have strengthened Maybank and MELLOWER COFFEE ‘s choice to join hands and start a new partnership together.

This partnership combines the concept of a café and a bank. This is the first partnership with a bank for MELLOWER COFFEE. In recent years, MELLOWER COFFEE has also been actively engaging in various other cross-collaborations such as fashion, culture and art. By being forward thinking, Mellower Coffee strives to provide fresh ideas and concepts to improve consumers’ consumption experience of coffee. From “product consumption” to “taste consumption” and “quality consumption”, MELLOWER COFFEE will keep moving forward to pursuing high-quality products and provide the best for consumers. A cup of coffee or a café, is not only to meet the needs, but also to create an ideal lifestyle and living space that belongs to everyone. 

Expanding Overseas To Bring High-Quality Chinese Coffee To The World

As a leader of China’s high-quality coffee, MELLOWER COFFEE is committed to provide domestic consumers with nothing but the best quality and to educate them on the coffee culture. On top of that, Mellower Coffee also hopes to expand to the overseas market and make high-quality Chinese coffee a brand recognized globally.

In April 2016, MELLOWER COFFEE officially entered the overseas market and opened the first overseas store in Singapore. Up to date, MELLOWER COFFEE has opened 6 stores in Singapore. MELLOWER COFFEE will continue to expand from Singapore’s central CBD area, to the local business areas and to the famous shopping streets. Mellower Coffee hopes to spread the “fine coffee culture” to more residents and global tourists. When Chinese tourists enter the store, they can also experience a familiar taste that reminds them of home. At the same time, MELLOWER COFFEE’s has a unique way of making each country or city special. Each country or city will have their own signature drink that is only available there and nowhere else. Mellower Coffee brings classic and creative drinks, high-quality products, services and a unique consumer experience from China to other countries.

At present, MELLOWER has over 80 stores worldwide, covering several cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Singapore and Korea. MELLOWER will continue to provide consumers with high-quality coffee, lead the coffee culture and bring high-quality coffee culture into the life of every ordinary consumer at home and abroad.

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